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Meet our dedicated professionals

Our Staff

We are lucky to have a dedicated and highly skilled staff team here at SKiPPS who work closely together to meet the needs of our students. Our team for 2024 are;

School Administration Team

Scott, Neil
Neil Scott
Cook, Matthew
Matthew Cook
Assistant Principal - Curriculum and Instruction
Bovè , Michelle
Michelle Bove
Assistant Principal - Inclusion
Whitehead, Nova
Nova Whitehead
Business Manager
Our Staff
Wendy Chan
Office Manager

Foundation Teaching Team

Gallucci, Natalie
Natalie Gallucci
Foundation Teacher & Team Leader
Morphy, Jac
Jac Morphy
Foundation Teacher & Leading Teacher Literacy
Bethune, Jessica
Jess Bethune
Foundation Teacher

Year 1/2 Teaching Team

Allender, Jess
Jessica Allender
Year 1/2 Techer and Team Leader
Wymant, Lil
Lil Wymant
Year 1/2 Class Teacher
Robbins, Prue
Prue Robbins
Year 1/2 Class Teacher
Lee, Roy
Roy Lee
Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Year 3/4 Teaching Team

Gardiner, Joe
Joe Gardiner
Year 3/4 Teacher & Team Leader
Langenberg, Bianca
Bianca Langenberg
Year 3/4 Teacher
Bennetts, Jane
Jane Bennetts
Year 3/4 Teacher
Deague-Hall, Emily
Emily Deague-Hall
Year 3/4 Teacher

Year 5/6 Teaching Team

Salter, Amy
Amy Salter
Year 5/6 Teacher and Team Leader
Our Staff
Stephanie Hamilton
Year 5/6 Teacher
Borella, Mel
Mel Borella
Year 5/6 Teacher & Learning Specialist
Moore, Louise
Louise Moore
Year 5/6 Teacher
Golden, Ange
Angela Golden
Year 5/6 Teacher

Specialist Teachers

Masci, Joseph
Joe Masci
Italian Teacher
Our Staff
Alex Paz
Performing Arts Teacher
Jose, Chantel
Chantel Jose
Visual Arts Teacher
Bishop, Susan
Susan Bishop
Philosophy Teacher
McKenzie, Tom
Tom McKenzie
STEM Teacher
Shanahan, Allison
Allison Shanahan
Garden Specialist

Education Support

Donaldson, Prue
Prue Donaldson
Integration Aide
Hill, Carolyn
Carolyn Hill
Integration Aide and Library technician
Our Staff
Maria Kypriotis
Integration Aide
Cairns, Brooke
Brooke Cairns
Integration Aide
Cleveland, Molly
Molly Cleveland
Integration Aide
skipps logo
Julie Fage
Intergation Aide
Clanton, Carrie
Carrie Clanton
Integration Aide
Rivers, Kimani
Marni Rivers
Integration Aide
skipps logo
Jai Lim
Integration Aide