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Developing key skills and self-esteem

Our Philosophy Program

A central part of our school’s identity and approach to learning are the skills and disciplines fostered in the Philosophy for Children (P4C) program.

Teachers use philosophical texts, such as novels, stories, poems, newspaper articles or topics of interest to stimulate discussion around particular issues. Through structured discussions of philosophical ideas as well as open-ended questions, students develop critical thinking and reasoning skills and enhance self-esteem.

Philosophy For Children

Developing ‘thinking’ skills

Community of Inquiry

We create a Community of Inquiry, which enhances the classroom learning environment, supporting shared dialogue and the development of relational thinking skills. In an environment of trust and acceptance the participants listen carefully to, and build upon each other’s views.

Students learn to respect ideas, agreeing or disagreeing or modifying their own views where appropriate. They appreciate the importance of asking “thinking” questions and finding

  • Reasons
  • Distinctions
  • Connections