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Developing skills and fitness

Our PE program

The PE program is a comprehensive physical skill development and fitness program. Unlike other schools, at SKiPPS, classroom teachers deliver the program through daily PE lessons.


Our approach


Foundation to Year 2 students
Foundation to Year 2 students learn basic motor skills and movement patterns, with or without equipment, in a range of environments. The focus is on skills such as running, jumping, skipping, catching, throwing, kicking, balancing.

Students are also introduced to more complex skills such as leaping, dodging, overarm throw, dribbling, bouncing, and striking.

Years 3-6 students
Years 3 to 6 students continue to develop motor skills and apply these to sport-specific situations. The students explore basic game tactics such as; introducing the concepts of attack and defence, following the rules of the game, and describing the roles of various positions. They begin to work with others to set and achieve goals in both cooperative and competitive game settings.

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School Events

All students participate in an

  • Annual intensive swimming program
  • A gymnastics program for students in Foundation to Year 4
  • An inter-school ‘Gala day’ competitions for students in years 3 to 6.

SKiPPS students also participate in external competitions such as District cross country running, athletics, and swimming

Empowering students

Health & Physical Education