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Committed to improving student outcomes

Our Literacy program

St Kilda Park Primary School is committed to improving student outcomes in Literacy from Foundation to Year 6. We use a strategic and comprehensive approach designed to ensure that all children have the best opportunity to experience successful literacy achievement. Our program incorporates Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

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Developing a love of writing


Our 2018-2021 School Strategic Plan outlines Writing as focus area for development. We support our Writing learning with the Big Write program and by using the VCOP strategies to support students in proof reading, editing, and setting goals in relation to their writing. Students are expected to complete one writing task each day.

Creating life-long readers


At SKiPPS we use a variety of structures and programs when teaching Reading. These include: Guided Reading; CAFÉ/Daily 5; Literature Circles; Reciprocal Reading; Making Connections; and Cars and Stars, all supported by computer programs such as Teach Your Monster to Read, Literacy Planet, Sunshine Online etc.


An emphasis on spelling, grammar and punctuation


Student development in spelling, grammar, and punctuation is emphasised daily with Doorway into Practical Literacy (DiPL) lessons. DIPL was written with a combination of speech pathology and teaching techniques, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly program. It does not treat spelling in isolation, but rather integrates spelling with other areas of language and literacy, which is how spelling is used in everyday situations. The program teaches grammar and punctuation in a sequential way that is easy for children (and teachers!) to follow.

We recognise that some students will require additional support to ensure their literacy success in the early years. To this end, we provide assistance through the Reading Recovery program offered at Grade One level. This is an early intervention program where identified students have individual, thirty-minute sessions daily (for up to 20 weeks) to develop reading and writing skills.