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St Kilda Park Primary School

We value kindness, curiosity, creativity and resilience

We align our learning experience with our core values

Our strategic aims

St Kilda Park Primary School


St Kilda Park Primary School


St Kilda Park Primary School


St Kilda Park Primary School


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Our heart & approach to learning

St. Kilda Primary School Introduction

St Kilda Park Primary School is a popular State Government Primary School, located in the heart of Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

A key part of our local community since 1882, SKiPPS has built a strong reputation in the local community, mainly due to a focus on learning and achievement, our positive student attitudes and behaviour, and our community atmosphere.

Our school community seeks to develop an inclusive, creative, and reflective learning culture. This culture connects children to their world by engaging and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become valued members of the community.

We are dedicated to providing a prosperous and inclusive learning environment

Statistics from our students

enjoy the learning they do 

Percentage of students who enjoy learning at SKiPPS.

with high expectations for success

Percentage of students who have high expectations of success.

performing at or above expected level

Percentage of students who achieve at or above the expected level of learning.