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Empowering students through leadership

Student Leadership at SKiPPS

At SKiPPS we strongly believe that all of our students are leaders and, rather than elect school captains or prefects, we have a structured program to develop an understanding of leadership amongst all of our students and provide ways for them all to be school leaders once they reach years 5 and 6.

Student Leadership

A positive impact on the school community

Year 6 Leadership Program

The Year 6 Leadership Program allows all Year 6 students to become leaders in the school community.

At the beginning of the year students participate in the GRIP Student Leadership Conference. The content of this conference focuses on what students can achieve as school leaders.

Throughout the year students are explicitly taught leadership skills from the GRIP 40 Leadership Lessons for 40 Weeks program.

Students also work in leadership teams on a weekly basis. As small groups, students focus on areas of school improvement by planning, preparing and implementing a range of school activities. This process allows students to focus on the power of teamwork while making a positive impact on the school community.

Student leadership 2

A smooth transition into primary school

The Buddy Program

The Buddy Program allows Year 5 students to work with Foundation students to ensure a smooth transition into Primary School.

This Buddy Program commences at the beginning of the Foundation year and continues throughout the first year of school. This program gives the younger and older children a special bond of friendship, creating a safe environment for the younger children and leadership role for the older students.

The Year 5 students and Foundation students undertake a variety of activities once a week which include getting to know you, computer activities, maths and literacy tasks, sport, puzzles and craft activities.

Student leadership 3

Creating a positive school environment

The Play Leaders Program

The Play Leaders Program provides an opportunity for Year 5 and 6 students to undergo training in leadership skills to organize and run a series of sports games designed for all students to enjoy.

The program offers Play Leaders new leadership skills and confidence, while creating a positive and encouraging environment for all participants.

The program runs during lunchtimes on selected days.

Raising awareness against bullying

Standing up against bullies

This video was created by year 6 student leaders at SKiPPS. It was designed to raise awareness and support for those who have been affected by bullying. The video was viewed thousands of times by students around the world.