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Empowering students with life-long knowledge

The Kitchen Garden Program

We are very proud to offer a thriving Kitchen Garden program at SKiPPS. Behind the pencil fence at the back of the school lies our amazing garden, which allows students to plant, grow and harvest a wide range of produce. This produce is then taken to our student kitchen to create dishes that gives students new experiences with food from seed to the plate.

kitchen garden program

A hands-on learning experience

Empowering students

The school’s kitchen garden program empowers students with life-long knowledge of growing and enjoying healthy food.

The program develops our students hands-on experience in learning about:

  • The growing and harvesting of fruit and vegetables
  • The value of organic growing principals
  • Water conservation
  • Environmental sustainability

Of course, the most delicious lesson is enjoying and sharing the varied flavours of fresh produce that they have grown and prepared themselves.

Empowering students

Kitchen Garden Program