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A Growth Mindset approach to learning

Our School

St Kilda Park Primary School, founded in 1882, is a highly popular inner-suburban bayside school located at the southern tip of Albert Park, approximately 5km from the Melbourne CBD. Our current student population is 330.

Our school operates in a small local enrolment zone meaning all of our students are drawn from the immediate St Kilda area. The school population reflects the diversity of this vibrant area and one of our strengths is the value placed on community. Parents, carers and staff work in partnership to support each child’s learning journey and family involvement in the many aspects of school life is encouraged and highly valued.

School Profile

Our current 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan is based around ensuring strong student growth in learning through a focus on five key improvement strategies ;

  • Strengthen a whole-school approach to high-quality instructional practice, particularly in Writing
  • Embed an effective Professional Learning Community (PLC) approach
  • Empower students as agents of their own learning.
  • Embed whole-school approaches to wellbeing and building teacher capability to identify and respond to student wellbeing needs. .
  • Enhance engagement with parents and carers, and the broader community.

Committed to students

How we work

All staff members operate as a part of a Professional Learning Community and great emphasis is placed on teams closely working together to ensure every student makes at least 12 months growth in their learning every year. Staff members then collaborate in flexible learning spaces to ensure that challenging teaching and learning takes place to support this growth.

Currently our school is made up of fifteen classes, consisting of three Foundation classes, five Year 1/2 composite classes, four Year 3/4 composite classes and three Year 5/6 composite classes.

The school community has a strong commitment to The Arts, and we employ four specialist teachers who deliver weekly lessons for every class in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Italian. The mix of creative and performing artists in the community also supports and enhances the school’s learning and teaching programs.

The school offers an extensive Kitchen Garden Program. Students in Years 3 and 4 experience first-hand the links between growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal produce. This program is a key driver in the ethos of the school and draws upon our strong links to the local community.

A commitment to student achievement

Celebrating success

We specifically focus on high quality programs with a clear commitment to student achievement in English and Mathematics through the Victorian Curriculum. Professional learning is a key strategy for the school as we seek to ensure strong learning growth for all students. Our SKiPPS Creating a Positive School Environment (CAPSE) program and our Philosophy for Children program are integrated into our curriculum.

There has been significant development of the school’s internal and external facilities recently.  We take advantage of our wonderful position at the edge of Albert Park Reserve by using this space for break times and sports lessons. Our strong partnership with Parks Victoria mean that we use this land for our school garden and adventure playground.

school profile 2

On our grounds we have a recently

  • Resurfaced basketball court
  • Sandpit
  • An outdoor quadrangle area
  • Quiet play areas


Classrooms have all been modernised and refurbished with information and communication technology integrated into all learning and teaching programs.